200 Things That Are Always Cool or Pleasant

In the words of Julie Andrews, "These are a few of my favorite things." The items are not in any way ranked; they are just listed in the order in which they were added.

1. Making sandwiches with the holiday leftovers
2. The Four Tops
3. When the price of gas drops just before you have to fill up
4. Hitting the bullseye on a dartboard
5. Really funny commercials
6. Freshly-fallen snow
7. Uno
8. Having something you ordered show up in the mail after you forgot about it
9. Having your back rubbed
10. Cracking a joke that makes people look like they bit into a lemon
11. Pixar movies
12. Your favorite old pair of sweatpants
13. Getting a lot of "likes" on your Facebook post
14. Science shows on TV
15. Poetic justice
16. Anything chocolate
17. Playing Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero and pretending that you actually have talent
18. Putting on clothes that are fresh and warm from the dryer
19. Going to a used-book store and finding an out-of-print book that you've been wanting
20. Your favorite cousin

21. Swiss army knives
22. The smell of just about anything baking
23. The Colbert Report
24. Getting a hug from your secret crush
25. When the jerk who has been tailgating you cuts into the next lane to pass you, then that lane starts moving slow
26. Leaving a hot, crowded, noisy house and stepping out into the cool, pleasant night breeze
27. When an episode of a TV show focuses on your favorite character
28. Duck season. Wabbit season.
29. Balancing your checkbook and getting it exactly right on the first try
30. Using all seven letters in Scrabble
31. Looking up stuff on Wikipedia just for fun
32. Kittens
33. Walking across new carpeting in your bare feet
34. Finding good candy (e.g. Almond Joy) on sale after a holiday
35. A video game with an engrossing story, strong gameplay, and drool-worthy characters
36. Greek and Norse mythologies
37. An unusually warm (short sleeves!) day in winter
38. Michael Jordan
39. Popeye's chicken
40. Androids and gynoids

41. The Undertaker (the wrestler, not the profession)
42. Figuring out the trick in a difficult crossword puzzle
43. When you approach a red light, and it turns green just before you begin to brake
44. When the light turns yellow just as you reach the intersection
45. Pizza with your favorite toppings
46. Getting to go home from work early the day before a holiday
47. Mario Kart
48. A long, hot shower
49. Getting a phone call from your best friend when you're feeling depressed
50. Listening to a mild thunderstorm when you don't have to leave the house
51. Athletes and entertainers who retire when they're still good (and don't return)
52. Knowing the question in "Final Jeopardy!"
53. Beaded curtains
54. Finding something you thought you had lost
55. Having someone hold you after a nightmare
56. Getting first pick from a box of assorted chocolates
57. The Far Side
58. Seeing your celebrity crush in a swimsuit
59. Other people's cute children
60. Talking into a fan

61. The Beach Boys
62. Tipping your chair back
63. When McDonald's has their 2-for-$2 breakfast special on something really good, like sausage & egg biscuits. Get four, and have breakfast and lunch both for less than five bucks!
64. A stolen base
65. Finding money in your wallet that you didn't know you had
66. Fresca
67. Having something that only you predicted come true
68. Repeats of your old, favorite sketches on Sesame Street
69. Opening a pack of trading cards and getting the one you wanted most
70. A visit to Grandma's house
71. The kind of quiet that you only hear when the TV and radio are off and there are no other people within a couple hundred feet
72. Climbing into a warm bed on a chilly night
73. Breaking the fourth wall
74. Rainbows
75. A good jolt of caffeine when you're short of sleep
76. MacGyver
77. Sitting in a chair that's still warm from its previous occupant
78. Action figures or display figures of your favorite fictional characters
79. That light-headed feeling you get after a good sneeze
80. Watching your favorite zoo animal

81. Carnival food
82. Good anime
83. Going to the bookstore and finding out that your favorite author has a new book out
84. When a police officer pulls you over, but lets you go with just a warning.
85. A first date with someone you really like
86. Bonus pay
87. Singing along to your favorite song in the car
88. Lord of the Rings
89. Putting up a new calendar
90. Free samples in the grocery store
91. Waking up in the morning, knowing it's time to get up and get ready for work, then looking at the clock and realizing you still have three hours left to sleep
92. Posters of your favorite celebrities
93. Hybrid automobiles
94. Finishing a good, long video game
95. Hearing about a large corporation that does something special for one child
96. Winning any kind of tournament
97. Giving a treat to a dog
98. Merry-go-rounds
99. A plot of grass that is a really rich spring green
100. Making a list and realizing that you've reached a milestone number

101. "Who's on First?"
102. Henna tattoos
103. When the "service engine" light in your car turns off, so you don't actually have to get any work done on it right now
104. The Muppets
105. Getting home on Friday after a rough week at work
106. Knowing an obscure bit of trivia just when your friends or co-workers are wondering about it
107. A picnic with a loved one
108. Finally paying off a big debt
109. Miniature golf
110. Seeing an attractive stranger bending over
111. Trying to spell a difficult word from memory and getting it right the first time
112. Finishing a match with a perfectly-timed dragon punch
113. When a skilled author writes something that you always felt but could never express in words
114. Going to a museum
115. The Sunday funnies
116. Getting exactly what you wanted for your birthday - without having to ask for it!
117. Melted mozzarella on anything. (Who needs bacon, anyway?)
118. Jigsaw puzzles
119. A lazy weekend
120. When your jar of loose change fills to the top

121. Apples to Apples
122. Opening a reference book (e.g. dictionary) to exactly the page you need
123. Guest hosts who aren't afraid to make fun of themselves on Saturday Night Live
124. Going to a baseball game on a warm spring night
125. Hush puppies
126. When a store or restaurant you like opens a branch near your house
127. Lists
128. Self-referential humor
129. Knowing that your significant other is the hottest person in the room
130. When a car repair turns out to be simple and cheap
131. Casual days at the office
132. Getting a gift card to your favorite store
133. Owning your own billiard table
134. Bumping into a friend you haven't seen in years
135. A new pillow
136. Watching fish in an aquarium
137. Old-school RPG video games
138. Kids playing in the snow
139. When your favorite athlete or team wins a championship
140. The X-Men

141. Cherry blossoms
142. Waking up just after the best part of a good dream
143. Comfortable tennis shoes
144. When your favorite team is on TV
145. When your favorite team wins on TV
146. Finding cookies in the break room at the office
147. Fairies
148. Mel Brooks movies
149. Figuring out how to exploit a design flaw in a video game
150. Having the dentist tell you that you don't need any work done
151. Halls of Fame
152. Having a day off in the middle of the week
153. Getting a tarot reading
154. Orange marmalade
155. Songs on Animaniacs
156. Being able to impress people with your knowledge of a foreign language
157. Looking up at the stars on a clear night
158. That new-car smell
159. Getting the last item on the shelf of something you really wanted
160. Hello Kitty

161. Archery
162. Mitch Hedberg's comedy
163. Deciding to buy something moderately expensive ($20+), then going to the store to get it and finding it on sale
164. A really soft, fuzzy stuffed animal
165. Solving a fictional mystery before the characters do
166. A really good buffet
167. An early spring
168. Getting an item that had been missing from your collection
169. Acing a test that you were worried about
170. Fiction that breaks convention in unexpected ways
171. Chuck Norris "facts"
172. Sinking into a comfortable chair
173. Easter candy
174. Getting a birthday card from someone who you didn't realize had your address
175. When someone who had argued with you realizes that you were right
176. High-speed internet
177. Beethoven
178. Re-reading a favorite book
179. Finishing a big cleaning job
180. A good stretch

181. Edgar Allan Poe
182. Waterbeds
183. Finding coupons for stuff you buy anyway
184. Parodies
185. When you're tired and hungry, then suddenly remember that you have good leftovers in the fridge from yesterday
186. Having the perfect comeback
187. A moonlight walk along the beach
188. Cool T-shirts
189. Seeing a traffic jam on the opposite side of the highway
190. Ninjas
191. Getting an unsolicited compliment about something you worked hard on
192. A golden oldie coming on the radio
193. Inside jokes
194. A double-scoop of your favorite ice cream
195. A long-awaited vacation
196. A cool rain on a hot summer day
197. Medieval weaponry
198. Movie musicals
199. Seeing dandelion seeds drifting past the window
200. LEGOs

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