75 Reasons Why Reading Is Better than Sex

75.) With books, it really is what's on the inside that counts.
74.) You can read as many books as you want, and never have to worry that someone will see you naked.
73.) An old book is every bit as enjoyable as a new one.
72.) You don't have to worry about how many other people have read a book.
71.) The government pays for libraries so that everyone can read for free.
70.) You can start a book, then put it back on the shelf without finishing.
69.) It's never uncomfortable when you read a book and then meet its author.
68.) On a first date, you can tell the other person that you love to read.
67.) You can just grab a random book and start reading.
66.) People won't start talking if a forty-year-old person is seen with a fresh new book.
65.) Electronic books are every bit as good as the real thing.
64.) When you finish reading a book, it will suggest other books you might like to read.
63.) You never have to take a shower before reading a book.
62.) You can stare at a strange book's title and it won't mind.
61.) You can tell your friends how great your book is, then let them read it for themselves.

60.) Many books come with glossaries to help you figure out what they're saying.
59.) You won't offend anyone by asking them how good their book is.
58.) It doesn't shock anybody if you come right out and say that you're looking for books.
57.) A book will never tell you that it should just sit on the shelf.
56.) Books are more appealing when you're sober.
55.) You can read a book in the kitchen and your spouse will never know.
54.) A thick book is an exciting sight that means hours of pleasure.
53.) If you want to read a book from the back, go for it!
52.) If you become famous, you don't have to worry about someone leaking a video of you reading a book.
51.) If you don't like a book, you can trade it in.
50.) You can walk up to someone you've never met and start talking about books.
49.) You can read a book while you wait for your spouse to get ready.
48.) You can buy a book, take it straight home, read it once, and never think about it again.
47.) Anyone can take two books to bed with them.
46.) Just go to amazon.com, and in a few days you'll have books waiting for you on your doorstep.

45.) You don't have to make conversation after finishing a book.
44.) Nobody has ever been afraid of going to prison and having their cellmate give them a book.
43.) Libraries don't stink of cigarettes and old beer.
42.) You can devote an entire room of your house to books, and not be ashamed to show it to your family.
41.) If the boss drops by your cubicle and sees you with a book spread wide open on your desk, you'll only be in a little bit of trouble.
40.) When you're on an airplane, waiting in line, or waiting for a job interview, no one cares if you read a book to pass the time.
39.) You never have to soothe a book's insecurities about the size of its pages.
38.) If you read in public, people think you're intellectual.
37.) Reading is every bit as good when you're alone.
36.) You can look under a book's jacket any time you want.
35.) If you don't know how, your attractive friends will be happy to teach you how to read.
34.) Barnes & Noble has thousands upon thousands of books, just waiting, begging for you to take them home and read them.
33.) A book won't get annoyed if you put it down to answer the phone.
32.) You can be reading a dozen books and nobody minds.
31.) When someone says that a woman reads everything she can find, it's a compliment.

30.) You're expected to leave the lights on when you read.
29.) You can read during commercials.
28.) You don't get embarrassed when someone walks in on you reading.
27.) If you start to have trouble reading as you get older, the problem can be corrected with a pair of dime-store glasses.
26.) Nerds read every single day.
25.) You can share a book with your spouse.
24.) You can read a couple of pages in the store before deciding to take the book home with you.
23.) When you finish a book you really like, you can start reading it again immediately.
22.) You can skip the preface.
21.) Other readers don't mind if you take their books home with you.
20.) A book won't end after two pages.
19.) Nobody thinks you're a loser because you have to pay for books.
18.) The simple purchase of a bookend will ensure that your books always stand up.
17.) If your favorite book gets too old and creased, just get a new copy!
16.) If you spend all your free time reading, you get smarter.

15.) You can read a book in any room of the house, even if there are children nearby.
14.) You won't get sued for giving your secretary a book.
13.) Becoming an author, and receiving money from thousands of readers whose names you'll never know, is a positive goal.
12.) You won't get slapped for marveling about how well the books are stacked.
11.) Your parents won't get upset if you bring a book home while they're away.
10.) You can enjoy a book and a pizza at the same time.
9.) Bookmobiles.
8.) A book won't think you're a pig if you read its sequel.
7.) If you go to a foreign country, the locals will be impressed that you like reading their books.
6.) The book never complains that you read too fast.
5.) You don't have to feel self-conscious about buying literary magazines.
4.) You can read anyone's lips.
3.) You never have to listen to jocks brag about how many books they've read.
2.) You don't have to buy a book three times before you get to read it.
1.) You can skip straight to the climax.

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