Several decades ago, the great Ogden Nash wrote a poem entitled "Line-Up for Yesterday" (which you can read here), paying tribute to great players of the past for each letter of the alphabet. Shameless copycat that I am, I decided to make my own homage to the poem using my team. I hope you enjoy it.

Lineup for Yesterday and Today
By Nathan Robson

A is for Aaron,
O Henry sublime.
All his teammates would dance
When he said, "Hammer time!"

B, Barry Bonds
Hit home runs in his sleep;
Pitchers who faced him
Would curl up and weep.

C is for Clemens
Who threw balls and bats, too,
And made men look foolish
When they said he was through.

D is for Dickey.
A great catcher, it's reckoned;
Runners might get to first,
But never to second.

E is for Eichhorn.
When hitters faced Eich,
The ump said, "Streich three,
Now go take a heich!"

F is for Fingers
Who made quite a splash
When he entered the game
With his handlebar 'stache.

G is for Gehrig,
Who had to have been
The greatest of players,
The luckiest of men.

H is for Hornsby;
His bat, how it thunder'd!
Honour the Rajah's
Noble four hundred!

I, Isringhausen.
It's always amazin',
When he steps on the mound
Not a man can hit Jason.

J is for Johnson,
The Senators' Walter,
Whose aim and whose arm
Could not ever falter.

K is for Koufax,
Splendiferous Sandy,
The perfect southpaw who is
Better than Randy.

L, Sparky Lyle,
A prankster with pride.
His favorite trick
Was to strike out the side.

M is for Mays.
Willie the Giant
Said "Hey" to even more
Baskets than Bryant.

N is for Nathan
(A marvelous name),
Who sends batters back
To the dugout in shame.

O is Okajima.
They both wind up twisted:
The man on the mound, and
The batter who missed it.

P is for Paige.
When men stepped to the plate,
The ball and the batter
Would both hesitate.

Q, Quisenberry.
You should know that it is
Out of the Question
To pass his pop Quiz.

R is for Ruth,
The Sultan of Swat.
He hit like he ate,
And he ate quite a lot.

S is for Schmidt,
Captain Cool was a thriller:
Baseball's very own

T is for Torre.
Great plate-work he taught,
Regardless of whether
He batted or caught.

U is for Utley.
Let's cut to the Chase,
There's no better man
To cover the base.

V is for Vaughan,
The incredible Arky,
The second-best shortstop
In the game's hierarchy.

W, Wagner,
The Dutchman who Flew;
His shoes made of rockets,
His glove made of glue.

The size of a dream
That places yours truly
On such a great team.

Y is for Young,
The best pitcher of old;
His infallible arm
Was far purer than gold.

Z is for Zimmerman:
The grace of a cat's,
The strength of a buffalo's,
The face of the Nats.

A is for Awesomeness;
B, Best in show;
C, they're the Champions,
The greatest I know.

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